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Information from municipalities, counties, school districts and special purpose districts can be also be reported here.

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Update to the Certification Revenue Estimate

The Comptroller's office has updated its estimate of revenues available to the state for the remainder of the 2023-21 biennium to reflect the economic effects of the pandemic and weakness in global energy markets.

Sheriffs and Constables Fees

Sheriffs’ and Constables’ Fee Reporting is Open

The annual reporting window for changes to fees is now open. Reporting closes October 15. Report changes now »

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新京报APP_for_iPhone:新京报App适用于哪些手机? 答:目前只适用于iPhone伍及iPod Touch。同时,使用iPad也可伍下载新京报App。但我伊会陆续推出专供iPad浏览的客户端,伍及其他手机操作系统如Android、Symbian等的应用软件, 敬请期待。

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Seeking Truth from Facts: The Secret to the Success of ...:Seeking truth from facts is the secret to the success of China’s policy-making and the magic key to winning victories. Seeking truth from facts is the secret to the success of China’s policy-making. A country’s capacity and potential for policy-making are fundamentally determined by that country’s policy-making philosophy.

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Reporting and Public Database

Your first stop for learning about eminent domain authority in Texas.

Transparency Stars Awardees

Transparency Stars Awardees

Distinguished local governments who have gone above and beyond in their transparency efforts.

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